Delos (2/3)

Posting now from a very nice cafe in Rhodes! where I have at least four hours before I have to be back to the ship and about three hours before my laptop battery dies, so we’ll see how long the cafe stays open, I guess. Still Delos: more Delos pics to come!











5 thoughts on “Delos (2/3)

  1. Notes from one end of the pub! Chris says will you be back in time for the concert? Sending love from us all plus a bowl of chips, 4 packets of crisps, peanuts and an apple pie!! Enjoy The more classy food over there!
    Love from us all! Xx


    1. Sad news, am unlikely to be back for concert. You’ll just have to do without me. Hope everything’s going well back home! I’ll take the crisps – have not seen any out here for a while. Lots of very good food, though. We get what they get upstairs, just in a less fancy room. It’s lovely. Am currently on two desserts per meal and trying hard to cut back.


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