Preveza – Traditional Arta

Posting now from Split, 24/5/25, where the morning tour was damp but the afternoon is turning out decent, if no better than that. It’s a lovely place in any weather, though, especially since I have time to sit in a cafe with the internet for once.

Wrapping up Greece, though, Preveza was a nice town where we were originally supposed to spend the afternoon, but actually sailed early for reasons involving the weather and probably the attraction of overnighting at Corfu. I would have preferred to spend the afternoon in a cafe in Preveza, but there you go. The actual tour was to a fun church in a nearby town called Arta, with a drive through of Nikopolis, which is the city Augustus built at Actium. I only have a few pics because it was a short tour and none of the Nikopolis pics came out very well through the bus windows.





2 thoughts on “Preveza – Traditional Arta

    1. Yes, and getting a plastic whistle full of sweets. Posting now from Civitavecchia, where I have just uploaded Split pictures, but must run back to the ship because time is up.

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