At the Ashmolean (1)


Today I went down to Oxford to see the Storms, Wars and Shipwrecks exhibition at the Ashmolean. It was great and I would tell everyone to go see it, but it closes on the 25th, so you’ll have to be quick. This time I checked the instructions in advance and therefore did not take photos in the exhibition, but I did wander round the rest of the museum afterwards and took quite a few there. So this will probably best be done in two or three posts.





I wasn’t completely sure I could be bothered to go all the way up to the top gallery, since it only had art from 1800 onwards, after all; and then I did, and it was full of pre-Raphaelites, and I ran across an old friend:


This is the Great Bookcase, designed by William Burges, and for many years it was on loan to Knightshayes Court (also designed by Burges), where I used to dust it, very carefully, until the Ashmolean remembered it existed and summoned it home late last year. Seeing it get taken apart and put into packing cases was quite a thing. I had actually forgotten it was the Ashmolean that owned it, so coming across it here was a bit of a surprise. I must admit it’s got a much better spot here than it had at Knightshayes.

Here’s a close up:


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