Goodbye, Sunshine

Just because there are already photos from Barcelona and Seville up here does not mean I’m not posting my holiday snaps.

Barcelona was greyish and intermittently damp (again). Seville was 28 degrees in the dark (again). I like Barcelona a lot, and was very happy to be back, but I love Seville. There was a lot of tapas. There was a lot of icecream. There was enough churros and chocolate for me to regret it. I got to go to a couple of new places and a couple of old places I didn’t have time to look at properly before. I came back with 950 photos, which I think was quite restrained of me. I thought there might be more.

Day 1: Barcelona.




One of the yachts in the harbour was the Mayan Queen, which jogged my memory as something I was pretty sure I’d seen before, although I couldn’t remember where. So I looked her up and it turns out she was lurking around Rhodes last May, and sure enough in my file of Rhodes photos I found a yacht that looks suspiciously similar, although I didn’t snap her name. I should spend more time spotting yachts on the Thames, especially now I know how friendly they are at the Lloyds Register of Ships.






On the tourist map there was a park and a mammoth symbol. We were very excited to see the mammoth. Apparently we weren’t the only ones.





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