TSSC Five Point Tour

The Triumph Sports Six Club ran a 1500 mile Five Point Tour of England over the weekend, the five points being Meriden near Coventry (centre), Berwick (north; in the end Alnwick, as the Berwick point was demolished last Monday), Lowestoft (east), and Land’s End (which counts as two points, being both the westernmost and southermost point). I contributed to the Friday night drive up to Alnwick and the Saturday morning drive from Lowestoft to Colchester, where I got off and went to watch Eurovision. Amazingly I hear everyone made it back to the BBQ in Lubenham on Sunday afternoon, including the Vitesse that was struck down by alternator problems on the Friday night but then visited by an angel in the form of an AA man with the right alternator.

nb. I also have pictures of VENICE and DAMIEN HIRST’S UNBELIEVABLE TREASURES from the weekend beforehand, but as I have a good 1000-odd photos to sift through it may be a little while before they turn up here.


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