Rhodes Day #3

Strictly speaking, this day featured not Rhodes but Kos. My catamaran was due to depart at 8.30am and the ticket said I should be there before 7.30am, but it turned out that this meant I should be there from 7.30am. Anyway, I got to see sunrise over the Mediterranean again.

The catamaran made one stop along the way: Symi. It was at this point that I realised I actually could go upstairs and sit outside and snap sea shots (and get burnt again, but never mind that). Also at some point we sailed into Turkish waters and my phone seized on that brief window of opportunity to impose extra roaming charges, because of course it did.

At Kos, I wanted to check out the earthquake damage and have lunch in the Women’s Co-op Cafe in the town square. I also managed to wander around the agora (which shuts at 5.30pm, and therefore was never open when I had free time on Kos before) and made it back up to the Asklepeion (which I hadn’t been sure I’d manage, and which turns out to be a lot quieter when you don’t bring several busloads of fellow tourists with you).

(The little brown birds are loving the earthquake damage. They were in and out of those windows like anything. I tracked them with the big lens for ten minutes or so.)

When I was on the boat, I spent a lot of time advising passengers who didn’t want to go on the tours that they could catch a dinky tourist train instead. I knew there was meant to be a tourist train on Kos that went up to the Asklepeion – finally, I could actually try out one of these things! Obviously when I tracked a red train to its lair and tried to buy a ticket, they told me it didn’t go up to the Asklepeion, but I could wait around and get on a very long bus tour and probably miss my ferry home instead. So then I wandered around the corner and there was a little blue train… you can see where this story goes.

This is the tiniest, skinniest kitten of all. I met it on the way back to the catamaran, and it sat in the street and yelled at me until I went back to the nearest restaurant and asked if I could buy a euro’s worth of milk for it. They gave me the “mad tourists, what are they like?” look and said it got fed twice a day and I shouldn’t worry about it. I’m still not sure if I believe them, but anyway I sat down on what turned out to be an ant’s nest and let it climb all over me for fifteen minutes and then went off to catch the catamaran back to Rhodes, which was late.


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