Rhodes Day #4

I spent my last day in Rhodes catching up on the things I couldn’t do on my first day (because a couple of things were shut) and catching the tourist train up to the acropolis for one final set of ruins. But first I walked round the old town walls, not entirely on purpose. Once you start, it’s quite hard to stop.

Once I finally found my way back into the town, I got an ice cream and wandered towards the gift shop, i.e. the several streets crowded with the same five shops (holiday clothes/bags/jewellery/olive byproducts/restaurants) over and over again. There were parrots. I’m still not sure how you make money off parrots; I think it involves getting tourists to pay for people to have pictures taken with them, but I never really worked it out. I wanted to take a picture of this:

but of course I was holding an ice cream, so I stuck my nose into a quiet side street while I worked through it. It was very quiet. There weren’t any shops or tourists. There was a sign for the Rhodes Carpet Factory and an old lady sitting on a chair who scolded me for eating ice cream at 10am, although I think she mostly thought I should get back to the approved tourist routes.

These are from the Church of Our Lady of the Castle:

This is from the Museum of Modern Art, which I thought was the fourth museum on the special deal ticket I had bought on Monday, because it was the only other museum I could see. I went up the steps and the man on the desk said it wasn’t, that one was next door, and seemed surprised when I decided to look at the modern art anyway. There was a sign that said bags should be left at the front desk. I tried to turn my bag in and he looked surprised again, and said I could keep it and do whatever I wanted, and practically said I was welcome to take the paintings, sure, why not.

I spent a healthy amount of the day at the Auvergne Cafe, which a guide introduced me to way back when and which is still one of my favourite corners of Rhodes Old Town, although of course the two whole afternoons I spent there sucking up internet definitely prejudiced me in its favour. Afterwards I went off to hang around the harbour waiting for the tourist train. I also let someone talk me into a half-price glass-bottomed-boat trip, because I’m a soft touch, but obviously there wasn’t really anything worth seeing through the glass bottom and definitely nothing worth photographing. The harbour remains interesting, though.

This tourist train only stopped for photos, not proper exploration. But to be honest, by this point I was all right with that. Next time, I should probably go up sooner in the week and have a proper look around.

Then I flew home.

Then I arrived at Waterloo at 2.30am and discovered that everything was shut, and if I wanted to get back I had to navigate a series of night buses (or, I guess, a taxi, but for reasons that seemed good at the time I felt I should do it the hard way) and by the time I got back I had 2% phone battery life and it was 4.30am, or 6.30am Rhodes time, and although the rest of that day was surprisingly upright, the day after that was not.


2 thoughts on “Rhodes Day #4

    1. Thanks for all your comments! I’m glad you liked the pictures – and thanks for sharing yours. Rhodes is a great place, especially for anyone like me who loves boat trips, and if you like taking pictures of feral cats then Greece/Turkey/Italy are the places to go. Happy Christmas!

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